Monday, 24 December 2007

All wrapped up and nowhere to go ;)

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy half nekkid new year :)

Thursday, 6 December 2007

HNT # 4

I adore being caressed, feel adored through every movement, to have my curves hair ever so gently swept back from my neck and to be kissed there from behind so i can relax and melt into strong arms...

HHNT...say hi to Os

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

HNT #3

Charlie 'shot' me tonight. We're having fun. LOVE how she made me look. She's the one with words so she'll tell you like it is.
Say hi to Os and a happy HNT to all.

Monday, 26 November 2007


..for something more deep and meaningful. More than words, lyrics. Im searching for something that means something more to me, something that i know is true when its spoken because its spoken from the heart. I dont know where it is or where i'll find it. Its there waiting to be offered to me, without the cloak of half meanings and half promises. The look in an eye that is pure. The look that transports you straight through into that persons soul and to the child within because what they say is SO pure. So right. So honest. Before life and age changed them. Jaded their outlook. Made them afraid of change and the adventure of something new. Whether thats a jump into a muddy puddle with a new pair of wellies, or the adventure of a path unknown. Becuase its safer to stay as they are rather than look at what they can become. Im searching for the movie. Where others look and wish they had what i had..or just sigh because what they see is so wonderful they aspire to it and know themselves that it is attainable. To not fear anything. To smile and to feel everyone around you wants to smile too because you make them feel like anything is possible.

Why does everything become so much of a challenge now we're older? When we're teenagers we dont give a seconds thought to changing lanes. I dont have anything left to lose now, but why do I feel more fearful being older, even though i'm so strong and independent? I dont understand why I feel emboldened and yet I shy from the lights of challenge.

I understand less and less the older I become.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

pain uneased

She bent down. The hint of a black g string. A tattoo in the small of her back he had no idea what it was of. Just those hints and he pressed himself against her, his jeans providing no modesty for his hard cock. His hands slipped down the curves of her waist, caressing her, reaching around the front for the buckle of her belt. He reached for the soft skin between her jeans and her top, the sexy hint of skin between that and her belly button. Her black top stretched over fabulous tits, the nape of her nape. He put his lips there and she turned to him at that moment, open mouth where her tongue waited for him, keen, eager, moist. He wanted to linger there, but also wanted his hands to take time, one hand squeezing her fabulous arse, the other fondling her breasts, then easing his fingers down, beyond the jeans into the elastic of the gstring, to flesh. The dip of her arse, he was fit to explode. She pulled away, looking wild and triumphant. She wriggled out of her jeans and top to reveal a black lacy bra, gstring apparent. He took off his shirt, and his cock sprung through the fly of his boxers as she lay back on the bed. Where did he want to start? At the ass and all that has to offer? Work from top to bottom, left to right? Kneeling over her he leant down to suck her nipples and moved down further to find her so utterly wet and ready. He pushed her open, and eased his cock ready to plunge deep inside her, just waiting to torture her with the feel of his cock pushed up against her first. Then the exquisit sensation he'd prolonged, was so intense that it registered on his and her face as pleasure and pain all at once. She told him to fuck harder. He cried out as did she. Months of build up for her, and it was over in a flurry of spurts and groans. Her face was scrunched up, not willing herself to look. It wasnt his face she wanted to see. When her heartbeat became regular she entangled herself and went to the bathroom, turned on the shower til the water became too piercing to bear and silently wept.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

HNT #2

HHNT..I have my disco shoes on but little imagination this week..think i used it all up in the last post! Got to love nights in, in white satin. This is only the second time I've worn this negligee..the horror! Didnt have the 'wow' factor I was hoping for when I wore it the first time round which surprised me but there's plenty of time for round two ;) Feel free to follow me up the stairs..

Say hi to Os and HHNT!

Monday, 19 November 2007


Ive been thinking about sex..alot..lately. Just missing it. Back from a night out ( IS monday after all)...but I just fancy a really good long hard..Do i need to spell it out? Im not going to. Every inch of me is craving intimacy. Its no longer the romantic kind, its the carnal, necessary to stay alive kind. Who can go without it? I know I cant. Im not built like that. To just walk in somewhere with someone and not say a word. Both there for the same person. Two bodies leaping against each other as if the only moment that matters is now. The kissing, the hands on each other, feeling for, reaching for. Feeling a hardness waiting underneath the constraints of material, cock, nipples, tearing at clothes..until a point. Leaving something to the imagination, something to play with, play through, teasing the other person, teasing the elastic of a pair of boxers or the lace of a bra. To have a wry smile playing on your lips knowing that they're aroused more and more becuase of you..kissing downwards, with the promise of more, teasing around every erotic part...pulling down the waistband of the boxers, kissing so near and yet..down the legs, hands roughly and strongly stroking the thighs and up towards the balls, thumbs grazing..waistband comes down and you spring into view and my mouth hungrily licks up your shaft, not taking you all in yet. Your thumbs working my nipples as a bra strap comes loose and falls, you take the rest of the material with it. Suddenly skin is on skin, I watch your mouth desperate to take one in it, to tease, suck also. But for now its my turn. I want to get you so hard all you can do is pull me up and kiss me harder, push yourself against me as your hands work their ways down beyond the lace, into my pussy where you find me so wet your fingers slide straight in...where i cant help but move against you, helping you, or urging you to feel my passion, my wanting, yearning, to work harder...